Education & Training





Oldham CO EMS is a state recognized Training & Education Institute and offers CEU's for the training that we offer. Our training is open to other agencies as well as the community, unless noted as a certification course or one that needs pre-registration. All course dates, times & locations can all be found on our calendar below.  Registration will be first come, first serve and can be found through our Facebook page as well.  




Please know that you will be asked to register to watch these courses. This is done so that we can maintain a listing of who has watched the videos. Because we are a state level TEI we will verify that you completed the training prior to offering ANY CE credit. A minimum score of 70% is needed to obtain credit for these courses. This format of education is treated as "online" education and can be used for recertification purposes as an online course. EMS CE's are available for first responders.

    Training & CPR Center Webinars can be found here.